In 1984, after three years of exhaustive research and development, we launched our first Pearlescence Solid Colors collection, which marked the very first use of "pearlized" inks in the manufacture of high-pressure decorative laminates.

The intent was to create a surface that would offer a depth, shine and rhythmic vitality not found in standard solid color options. A surface that would not only be embellished when lit properly, but would literally come alive and interact with the viewer.

Over the following quarter of a century, we have further expanded the color range and developed new finishes, keeping the line fresh, in-tune with rapidly evolving color trends in commercial interior design, and making Pearlescence suitable for a wider range of applications.

Today we offer our largest Pearlescence collection ever: 45 hues that can be specified in any one of 6 finishes, giving design professionals the freedom to create a total of 270 inspiring and unique design options.

Created specifically for commercial interior design applications, our color range coordinates seamlessly with other materials, incorporating both contemporary and timeless color trends. Offering graduations of warm and cool neutrals, classic metal tones, and avant-garde accent colors, it is a versatile, easy-to-use range that offers cost-effective solutions to many design and durability challenges.
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