Throughout history, people have been attracted to the aesthetics and artistic features of gemstones. And now you can bring their essence to your interiors with our new Pearlescence Gemstone Collection - 11 precious colorations inspired by the radiance of precious stones. This is decorative laminate panels the way you've never seen them before.

Gemstone Collection

2455 Grey Opal
2456 Blue Azurite
2457 Ametrine
2458 Black Onyx
2459 Silver Topaz
2460 Moonstone
2461 Bronzite
2462 Garnet
2463 Emerald
2464 Citrine
2465 Amethyst
Grey opal was historically known as the lucky gemstone.Grey Opal laminate
Blue azurite is a gem sacred to the ancient Egyptians.Blue Azurite laminate
Ametrine was used as a gift by a conquistador to a Spanish queen.Ametrine laminate
Black onyx known for its protective energies.Black Onyx laminate
Silver topaz is the stone that purifi es both emotions and actions.Silver Topaz laminate
Moonstone is known to encourage inner growth.Moonstone laminate
Bronzite was thought to restore harmony and control over our daily lives.Bronzite laminate
Garnet was thought to help stimulate personal and professional success.Garnet laminate
Emerald is The gemstone of love and security in relationships.Emerald laminate
Citrine known as the "merchants stone" for its unusual powers.Citrine laminate
Amethyst is a symbol of sincerity and wisdom.Amethyst laminate